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  «AE Project» company creates reliable base for construction. 

Architectural-engineering company «AE Project» company takes a firm line in performing design and consultant services. Our specialists had designed more than 350 000 sq. m. of commercial real estate and tend to dominate in this segment. For the last years «AE Project» is becoming more known in the market of consultant and design services. Either Russian or foreign companies command the company services and the list of projects including development of challenging and responsible projects successfully completed is quickly increasing. The company is well experienced in designing the retail and office real estate, different types of commercial buildings. Besides, among projects the company successfully completed there are residential buildings, industrial complexes, storage facilities and medical centers.

Diversity and integrity of services performed by «AE Project». 

Technically correct and well developed project is the reliable base for further project elaboration.  That is why integrated approach is so important – all obligations should be fulfilled by one company. «AE Project» company undertakes all the obligations, including elaboration of sketch design, documentation of the stage «Project documentation» being developed in accordance with regulations, tender package for cost estimate, the stage «Working documentation» and obtaining approvals in local and state agencies. Most of the customers having received a well-developed design turn to us for the construction supervision services and «AE Project» company is able to provide such services. The company’s engineers carry out construction supervision, monitoring correspondence to design documentation. In addition to that, the list of company services includes the Expertise and technical audit of buildings and their engineering utilities, lease agreement analysis and consultant services.

Qualification is confirmed by all the necessary certificates. 

It is known that specialist who develops the design documentation for building and facilities of any types must have the certain qualification rate. Each company performing design services as well as approval process in state authorities must have the relevant licenses, allowances and qualification. «AE Project» company has all the necessary certificates, confirmations of the company’s ability to develop projects and performs works in a full accordance with the established state regulations.


«AE Project» company performs the services for design development of buildings and facilities of different purposes, construction supervision and consulting in this area.

Major company objectives are focused on constant development within the design field, company professional advancement and creation of the highest quality projects. In order to achieve the stated goal the company has all the necessary resources, such as:

• Qualified staff.
Company engineers are well-experienced, have proper college degree and skills to operate with the latest updated software required in design field;

• High quality technical equipment and modern software. The Company Management understands how important it is to provide the specialists with all the necessary devices to let them work in comfort that leads to more efficient and fast results. That’s why it invests in modern equipment and the latest versions software.

• Permanent professional advancement.
Specialists are interested in innovations in the field of design; they get experience while designing challenging and interesting projects and are always ready to assume nonstandard and unique solutions for any project.

Therefore, «AE Project» company achieving its goals provides its customers with high quality service package elaborating reliable and functional buildings and facilities.


One of the main company advantages is the integrated approach to its projects. Specialists perform all the necessary works in order to start construction process, including total development of design documentation and approvals with supervising and managing authorities.

Customer receives a project fully completed approved and based on that he can start construction process. Besides, specialists may accompany the process, carrying out construction supervision in accordance with project requirements.

Besides the integrated approach to the process, the company has the list of other advantages, such as:

• High professional rate of specialists.
All engineers-developers and consultants have high qualification and significant work experience from projects of different multiplicity completed before. Each specialist is interested in a professional growth and development, customer acquisition and customer retention as well as in personal reputation improvement. All that provides high quality of work performance beginning with sketch design up to construction supervision;

• Speed of work performance.
One of the advantages representing solid work experience is the short terms of projects development. Experience gained from different types of buildings and facilities developed earlier allows engineers to recognize the challenging aspects precisely that might appear during developing project documentation, and approvals. According to examination results engineers establish the exact terms that are always kept.